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Our mission

Discover the perfect solution for every challenging problem, no matter how complex! Whether it involves creating engaging puzzles for an escape room, integrating co-creative LED artworks, or even crafting beautiful creations using CNC and 3D printing – we are ready to bring all your ideas to life! Contact us today and explore the limitless possibilities we can realize for you.

What can I do for you?

Searching Solutions

The first step is to search for the solution to the problem. I combine my extensive range of knowledge in a large cauldron and distill the solution from it. I'll let you taste it occasionally to see if it has the flavor of a potential solution.


After finding the right solution recipe, we move on to the execution. For that, I employ various traditional and modern techniques, ranging from woodworking and metalworking to soldering, laser cutting, 3D printing, and CNC.


After executing and testing the found solution, we arrive at the delivery phase. Always within the right deadlines and with a finished product. I'll show you how it works and we can celebrate a successful collaboration. It's time to blow out the candles on a good partnership.

What are the possibilities

From problem to solution

Developing solutions and complete physical implementations for a functional outcome.

Furniture maker

Have you seen a specific side table, dining table, or coat rack, 
I would be happy to create it according to your preferences.


Need a way to measure conditions and sound an alarm in case of errors? I'd be happy to help.

Appliance Repair

Repair of malfunctions in various appliances such as mixers, coffee machines, cooktops, ...


No challenge is too big for me. I enjoy mastering new techniques and/or materials 

Hiring an inventor

Need a solution for which nothing is currently available? You can hire me as an inventor.

Nothing but satisfied customers

Nothing but happy faces upon the delivery of a project. After our collaboration, you'll be eager to add to this list with pleasure.


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